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Get an amazing deal today! While Supplies Last. Talk to a Rep at 714-639-3639 x1000

4x4, x4x8 and 5x10

Save up to 15% on the Plasma CNC

Configurations the VELOX CNC Plasma machines:

  • All in One Flashcut CNC Control Software.

  • Flashcut CNC Control Box Signal Gen- Computer only used for GUI.

  • Water Table

  • Hypertherm Plasma Mount

  • Magnetic Break-Away Plasma head mount

  • THC (torch height control)

  • Brushless High Torque Motor with Encoders

  • Material sensor switch

  • Laser Alignment System used when heavy materials are at an angle.

  • 25mm Rails on X and Y

  • 20mm and Ballscew Z axis

  • Rapid Travel of 800 IPM.

  • Fully Assembled, and Tested in CA, USA

  • 1 Year Limited Warranty on Defective Parts and Craftsmanship. Labor at VELOX CNC.

* Shipping and Crate charges not Included - These Prices Vary

Machine Specifications:

Machine Travel (X,Y,Z): 53"x98"x8" (Router config.)

Part Clearance: 60"x6" (Top of primary MDF)

Overall Foot Print: 69"x125"x33" 

Rapid Speeds(X,Y,Z): 900, 900, 200 ipm

Cut Speeds(X,Y,Z): 600, 600, 200 ipm

Resolution (X,Y, Z): 0.001" , 0.001" , 0.00035"

Repeatability : 0.003" (+/-)

Drive Mechanism: Rack and Pinion X & Y. Ballscrew on Z.

Weight: Est. 2500 lbs

Shipping: Flat bed truck, Customer supply the forklift.

VP4 (4x4)

Starts at

VP8 (4x8)

Starts at

VP10 (5x10)

Starts at



Why buy a VELOX CNC machine?

  • VELOX senior staff has over 17 years of cnc router experience to help provide the solution.

  • Great customer training using or one on one training at our VELOX CNC location.

  • Reliable machines

  • Patience to train beginner customers

  • Experience to train advanced customers

  • We design our machines in-house using high end solidworks with the most current release.

  • When you talking to sales, you also are talking to a CAD designer, CAM programer, and Machine operator.

  • We build the machines in California.

  • We do not import our machines from an outside machine maker.

  • We use reliable parts that are readily available for our machines.

  • Our ready to cut machine combo takes minimal amount of time to connect, plug in and cut.

  • Our machines have modular and easy to ship electronics and parts for easy maintenance.

  • The VR5050 desktop version can fit through a standard door when installing.

  • US Fortune 500 company, US military choice, and  Ivy League College choice.

  • Easy to use software packages.

  • Brushless bulletproof high torque stepper motors.

  • Brushless encoder hybrid high torque stepper motors as an upgrade.

  • Uses standard G-code. You can grow with G-code and program machines priced over $100,000 with G-code.

  • Fully dedicated computer with large toolpath display.

  • Fixture offset for multiple parts to be remade with repeatability.

Request an Official Quote on a CNC Plasma machine:

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