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Check out our machines in action!

The videos below were recorded by Velox CNC featuring some our machines in action!

Deep wood cutting on a VR-Series

VELOX CNC 36x36 machine cutting 2x4 material, 30 IPM, 1.3" Depp. 3.2 minutes, .500" Amana cutter. We used Mach 3 and VisualMill 2012.

Plastic cutting on a VR-Series

Cutting plastic with 3x3 cnc router machine. VELOX CNC model VR3636. Feed rate of the roughing was set to 45 IPM at .250" depth of cut, 20K RPM, .500" diameter cutter, 2 flute end mill. The finish pass was at 20IPM. Read more...

Aluminum pocketing on a VR-Series

CNC Router model VR3636 Cutting aluminum 6061 0.050" step down, 500" deep pockets and .75" deep side walls. The machine is made of billet aluminum using 4 stepper motors driving 4 leadscrews. The cutting spindle is a Porter Cable 892.


Dovetail cutting on a VR-Series

VELOX CNC cutting dovetails. The pattern was revised after 1 or 2 tries and the fit was great on the 3rd try. For anyone making dovetails, this machine would provide a great solution to making different styles of dovetails. VR3636 machines, Mach 3 control software, porter cable 892, precision collet, and a dovetail bit was used to cut pine.

Carbon fiber and Fiberglass plate cutting on a VR-Series

VELOX CNC router cutting through .0625" thick carbon fiber/fiber glass material. Using a custom size machine 74x14. This is similar to our 4x4 and 2x2 machines. Porter Cable Router and a VELOX CNC brass collet adapter .250" step down to .125". Air clamps were used for the hold down. Read more...

Foam Cutting is an art combined with the right cnc router machine.

VELOX CNC router offers a grease fitting upgrade to help prevent foam from getting into the bearings. This will prevent downtime as you would have to do a machine maintenance if the machine was contaminated with foam. Ask about adding a grease fitting upgrade when buying a velox cnc machine.

3D Wood cutting on our VELOX CNC Router machine.

VELOX CNC router cutting wood poplar taking .015" step over with a .7" depthh of cut cutting at 80 ipm.

PolyPropylene cutting on a VR-Series.

VELOX CNC router cutting polypropolene.

3D Wood cutting a VR-Series

VELOX CNC router cutting 3D relief using vectic.

VELOX CNC - Mach 3

How to change tool sensor macro.

Wood cutting .500" into pine.


Pool Table Side - VR 8 cnc router 4x8 cutting wood pine.

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