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We have designed an ATC model that addes ATC to our

Table Top VR series machines to provide a low cost solutions.

3x3 - Starts at $18,000

4x4 - Starts at $21,000  (#6069)


Please give us a call for a quote.

VELOX CNC automatic tool change. 2x4

VELOX CNC automatic tool change. 2x4


 Automatic Tool Change CNC Router


The VELOX automatic tool change CNC router is great for R&D, education, and production. Cut 2D composite or 3D wood relief with the VELOX 2'x2', 3x3, 4x4, and travel ATC CNC router machine. The supported rails on the X, Y and Z axis on this cnc router provides rigidity, while the anti-backlash nuts provide high tolerance positioning, and cut accuracy. Dust resistance lead screws are very we suited for projects that produces a lot of powder, wood chips, foam dust, and more dusty projects. The ultra quite Italian HSD spindle is 220V single or 3 phase. The optional hood is air powered and will lift up before a tool change. The machine is fitted with easy to access grease fittings for machine maintenance. The result of a well greased machine provides smooth accurate cuts while prolonging the life of the machine. 1" thick columns bolt on to 4 extruded aluminum pieces for the X gantry. 3 bearing block are used for each side of the Y bottom axis.


Standard Features:
4 High Torque Brushless Motors and Drive
Control Software (Flashcut CNC)
Delta VFD
Welded Legs
Independent Stand for Computer Tower, Monitor, and control bx.
2x2 - 5 Max tools
3x3 - 6 Max tools
4x4 - 10 Max tools
Computer Station - Enclosed Cabinet


Optional Dust Hood
Aluminum Table
Vacuum table
Vacuum Hold Down Pump
Becker High Pressure Hold Down Pump 
220V Single Phase Power


110 PSI Air


Build Time is 8-12 Weeks. HSD spindle and part availability may add to the build time.

Please contact us for pricing

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