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VR-8 (4x8)


Let us help you pick the right machine

Give us a call:  (714) 639-3639 X1000


Configuration: Table, Spindle


Spindle Configuration Includes:

  • VR8 (4X8) Fully Assembled and Tested in CA, USA

  • 4-Axis Smooth Step Ethernet Control Box - Built in Spindle Relay for On/Off Control

  • MDF wooden table top.

  • 3 HP - 4HP Italian Spindle 18,000 or 24,000 RPM spindles.

  • 1/2 Precision Collet Kit

  • Amana Straight Plunge Router Bits (3 Pack - 1/2", 1/4", 1/8")

  • Hold Down Clamps (4 Pack)

  • New/Full Computer Set-Up (Desktop)

  • Mach 3 Control Software - Installed, Configured and Tested on PC

  • Vectrics Cut2D Pro - CAD/CAM Software - 2D Capable (+2hrs Training)

  • Home Switches on All Axis - Home Zeroed Saves all Part(Fixture) Zeros

  • Nema-34 960oz/in Stepper Motors on X, and Dual Drive Y, Z Aix

  • Cable Management on All Axis

  • 1 Year Limited Warranty on Defective Parts and Craftsmanship. Labor at VELOX CNC.

* Shipping and Crate charges not Included - These Prices Vary

Machine Specifications:

Machine Travel (X,Y,Z): 53"x98"x8" (Router config.)

Part Clearance: 60"x6" (Top of primary MDF)

Overall Foot Print: 69"x125"x33" 

Rapid Speeds(X,Y,Z): 800, 800, 200 ipm

Resolution (X,Y, Z): 0.001" , 0.001" , 0.00035"

Repeatability : 0.003" (+/-)

Drive Mechanism: Rack and Pinion X & Y. Ballscrew on Z.

Weight: Est. 2000 lbs

Shipping: Flat bed truck, Customer supply the forklift.

Let us help you pick the right machine

Give us a call:  (714) 639-3639 X1000

Why buy a VELOX CNC machine?

  • VELOX senior staff has over 17 years of cnc router experience to help provide the solution.

  • Great customer training using or one on one training at our VELOX CNC location.

  • Reliable machines

  • Patience to train beginner customers

  • Experience to train advanced customers

  • We design our machines in-house using high end solidworks with the most current release.

  • When you talking to sales, you also are talking to a CAD designer, CAM programer, and Machine operator.

  • We build the machines in California.

  • We do not import our machines from an outside machine maker.

  • We use reliable parts that are readily available for our machines.

  • Our ready to cut machine combo takes minimal amount of time to connect, plug in and cut.

  • Our machines have modular and easy to ship electronics and parts for easy maintenance.

  • The VR5050 desktop version can fit through a standard door when installing.

  • US Fortune 500 company, US military choice, and  Ivy League College choice.

  • Easy to use software packages.

  • Brushless bulletproof high torque stepper motors.

  • Brushless encoder hybrid high torque stepper motors as an upgrade.

  • Uses standard G-code. You can grow with G-code and program machines priced over $100,000 with G-code.

  • Fully dedicated computer with large toolpath display.

  • Fixture offset for multiple parts to be remade with repeatability.

*Prices are subject to change without notice. 

Dovetail cutting on smaller VR-Series

VELOX CNC cutting dovetails. The pattern was revised after 1 or 2 tries and the fit was great on the 3rd try. For anyone making dovetails, this machine would provide a great solution to making different styles of dovetails. VR3636 machines, Mach 3 control software, porter cable 892, precision collet, and a dovetail bit was used to cut pine.

Carbon fiber and Fiberglass plate cutting on smaller VR-Series

VELOX CNC router cutting through .0625" thick carbon fiber/fiber glass material. Using a custom size machine 74x14. This is similar to our 4x4 and 2x2 machines. Porter Cable Router and a VELOX CNC brass collet adapter .250" step down to .125". Air clamps were used for the hold down. Read more...

Deep wood cutting on our smaller VR-Series

VELOX CNC 36x36 machine cutting 2x4 material, 30 IPM, 1.3" Deep. 3.2 minutes, .500" Amana cutter. We used Mach 3 and VisualMill 2012.

Plastic cutting on our smaller VR-Series

Cutting plastic with 3x3 cnc router machine. VELOX CNC model VR3636. Feed rate of the roughing was set to 45 IPM at .250" depth of cut, 20K RPM, .500" diameter cutter, 2 flute end mill. The finish pass was at 20IPM. Read more...

Aluminum pocketing on our smaller VR-Series

CNC Router model VR3636 Cutting aluminum 6061 0.050" step down, 500" deep pockets and .75" deep side walls. The machine is made of billet aluminum using 4 stepper motors driving 4 leadscrews. The cutting spindle is a Porter Cable 892.


The VELOX CNC machines are now using the very stable ethernet connection from computer to our control box. The smoothstepper with ethernet connection also allows for more choices on the computers you can use. This will connect to Win 7 32 or 64 bit, laptops or desktop computers.

Available software for machine sold by VELOX CNC. VELOX CNC machines works with all standard G-codes.

Vectics Cut 3D
+ Demo Downloadable

+ Art CAD and Cam

Vectics Cut 2D
+ Demo Downloadable

+ Art CAD and Cam

Machine Specs, Options, and Upgrades:

Electric Input: 

  Computer: 115 - 220V -- *Separate this from the router

  Control Box: 115 - 220V -- *Separate this from the router

  Router: 115 - 200V -- *Separate this from the computer

  HSD: 220V , Single or 3 Phase

  PDS: 220V , Single or 3 Phase

  PDS ATC: 220V , Single or 3 Phase

  Tekno: 220V , Single or 3 Phase



Control Software:

  Standard: Mach 3 with Smooth Stepper Ethernet

  Upgraded: Flash Cut Setting


Computer Specs for Mach 3:

  Please send in your computer for VELOX to install Mach 3

  •   Windows 10 - 64 bit

  •   4 Gigs of Ram

  •   250+ Gig hard drive

  •   17 Inch monitor

  • Ethernet plug for smooth step config.


Control Box:

  Standard: Mach 3 with Smooth Stepper w/Ethernet Connection

  Upgrade Option: Stepper with Encoders

  Upgraded Option: Flash Cut Signal Generator with USB

  ATC Standard: Flash Cut Signal Generator with USB


XYZ Motors: undated 4/21/2016

  Standard: 4qty Nema 34 950 oz/inch Stepper Motors, Brushless.
      Can run 24 hours/Day. X, Y, and Z axis.

  Upgraded: Nema 23 with encoder or Nema 34 with encoder, Brushless


Motor Drivers:

  Standard: Leadshine Drivers

  Upgraded: Leadshine Hybrid Encoder Drivers


Standard Max Travel Speed/Feed Rate:

  X Axis: 800 IPM +-20 IPM Dependant on load/acceleration

  Y Axis: 800 IPM +-20 IPM Dependant on load/acceleration

  Z Axis: 200 IPM +-20 IPM Dependant on load/acceleration


Standard Mechanical:

  X-Axis: Rack and Pinion, Resolution of 0.001"

  Y-Axis: Rack and Pinion , Resolution of 0.001"

  Z-Axis: 16mm Diameter Ballscrew - 10mm pitch, Resolution of 0.00025"

  XYZ Cable Carriers: Cable Management on all axis.


Control Box Standard

  Relay #1: Onboard 115V-220V 15A Relay out (M3 g-code)  
  Relay #1: Onboard 24V Relay out signal (M3 g-code)

  Relay #2: Onboard 24V Relay out signal (M8 g-code)


Control Box Upgrade to 5th Drive - rotary rable ready

  Drivers: 5 Drives

  Relay #1: Onboard 115V-220V 15A Relay out (M3 g-code)  
  Relay #1: Onboard 24V Relay out signal (M3 g-code)

  Relay #2: Onboard 24V Relay out signal (M8 g-code)


Control Box Upgrade to Hybrid Stepper Controller

  Drivers: 4qty 6A capable Stepper Hybrid Drivers

  Ethernet: VELOX configures the computer


Control Box ATC to Hybrid Stepper Motors with Encoders

  Motors: 4qty Hybrid Stepper Motors  Benefits: Stepper motor runs cooler,

                 quieter, and stronger

  Signal Genterator: Flashcut CNC


Add on and Options

  Vacuum Table: Vacuum Table, Plumbed

  Vacuum Pump/Blower: Installation & Connection of Vacuum Pump


Accessories - Options

  Dust Hood: Vacuum up the dust and chips 4" hose fitting

  Precision Collet: Get high precision 0.0004" runout

  QMTC: Mach 3 remembers tool lenghts offsets after 1st calibration.

  Tool Zero Plate: Zero your tool with ease.

  Cold Airgun: Cut aluminum with less hassle or mess of coolants.

  Rotary Table: 4th axis indexing to make things like table legs and cues.



Guitar Inlay cutting on a our smaller VR-Series

It takes a very smooth and accurate machine to be able to use a 0.015" cutter. The VR Servies machines does the job very well! A Tekno Italian Spindle was used on the video above. Great for making guitar bodies, necks, and inlays.

Nema 34 with 950 oz/in installed onto the X axis and Y dual axis.

Velox cnc router machine 4x4

At Velox CNC, we strive to make quality parts in-house using high tech cnc machines. The majority of the aluminum is machined and assembled in-house in Orange California. The table top is custom extruded for VELOX CNC. Almost all of our parts have a .020" bevel to give it a superior look and feel.

Velox cnc router machine 3x3 - 4
Velox cnc router machine 3x3 - 4

Vectics Vcarve Desktop
+ Demo Downloadable
+ Art CAD and Cam

Foam Cutting is an art combined with the right cnc router machine cutting on our smaller VR-Series.

VELOX CNC router offers a grease fitting upgrade to help prevent foam from getting into the bearings. This will prevent downtime as you would have to do a machine maintenance if the machine was contaminated with foam. Ask about adding a grease fitting upgrade when buying a velox cnc machine.

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Ordering requires a 50% initial payment prior to production, and the 50% final payment prior to shipping/will-call. See ordering form for details.

Vectics Vcarve Pro
+ Demo Downloadable
+ Art CAD and Cam

+ Demo Downloadable
+ Art CAD and Cam

+ Demo Downloadable

Rhino CAD - CAM
+ Demo Downloadable
+ Art CAD and CAM

Please call and speak to a VELOX rep for updated software listings.

Available software for machine sold by 3rd party.
VELOX CNC machines works with all standard G-codes.

Gibbs CAM
+ Parametric CAD
+ GibbsCAM will run on Mach 3

Click here for a reseller.

+ Parametric CAD
+ Solid CAM will run on MAch 3

+ For the Cabinet and Sign industries

+ Cabinet Design 


Master CAM

Please call and speak to a VELOX rep for updated software listings.

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