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4x8 CNC Router Auto Tool Changer

 Indsutrial Strength CNC Router

Over the years VELOX CNC has made tall custom machines as well as big formate machines that were in the range of 4x8 using rack and pinion and ballscrews. We then focused on 5x5 and smaller machines to simplify our builds. We are getting our design team to make the 4x8 and the 5x10 machines in-house for 2017 and 2018. 


If you are interesteg in our 4x8  please email us today.


  • (53 Inch by 100 tip to tip machine travel) 4x8 cnc router.

  • Mach 3 or Flashcut control software for ATC.

  • PDS 3 HP to 7 HP Italian Spindle 220V. (5.5HP as an upgrade - ISO 30 - ER25)

  • High Torque Brushless motors with encoders Nema 34 on all axis.

  • Rack and Pinion Y axis 100" Travel. Dual motors will drive the bottom Y axis.

  • Ballscrew Z axis and X A axis.

  • Rigid Rails 20mm wide on all axis.

  • ISO 20 ER20 10 quantity tool racks (tool holders sold seperately.)


Please email us for more information and to be on the waiting list and promotions for the 4x8 machine.


For more information please fill out the form below.

VELOX CNC automatic tool change. 2x4

VELOX CNC automatic tool change. 2x4

Thank you. We will contact you as soon as possible!

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