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Satisfaction proven by customer testimonials!

The testimonials below are quoted from our customers!

Code Orange Robotics

Irvine, CA

Manufactured:  Oct. 2015

 " Code Orange would like to take this opportunity to inform you how well our team  performed at its regionals and the fact that we are heading to the World Championship in St. Louis (April 27-30, 2016)!  Here is our highlights video for this season.
Orange County Regionals:
Winner (with alliances 3309 and 6220) which entitles us to qualify for the World Championship!
Entrepreneurship Award
Excellence in Engineering Award
Woodie Flowers Finalist Award for our wonderful lead mentor Shelley Nordman
We were the No. 1 Rank during qualification matches and the No. 1 Alliance Captain.
Los Angeles Regional:
Team Spirit Award
We are very proud of our team and our 2016 robot “Nazaré”  as all of our students and mentors worked extremely hard this build season to build the most sophisticated robot in Code Orange history with a vision tracking turret that has allowed us to score numerous high goals and to be ranked as the No. 12 robot in the FRC world for Week 5. We are now getting ready for the World Championship.
We are extremely proud of our performance so far this build season and want to express our deep appreciation for your company’s generous prior donation and hopefully continual support. Thank you again for your support!
Jenny Lee
Code Orange Mentor"

VR-5050 ~ RM-PC7518 ~ Mach3

Robert Konowalow

IATSE Local 44 Construction Coordinator

Los Angeles, CA

As a construction coordinator in the film industry, I knew how valuable a CNC can be.  It is one of those machines that we could always use but never have on site.  Our solution to this issue is to either create several Jigs and make all our parts by hand requiring what seems like endless man hours to achieve the desired result, or “farm” out the project to one of the many shops in town.


Currently I work on the television show The Last Ship on TNT.  My job is to make specialty set dressing and props for the show.  Many times, I need recreate the same part five, ten, or twenty times over.  It is because of this I realized the true value a Velox CNC would bring me. 


The staff at Velox has been amazing at helping me tailor my machine to fit my needs all the while educating me on how to accomplish my atypical tasks.  After many phone calls with Ron we were able to find the best price point to do the job.  His patience and quick thinking was invaluable during the purchasing process.  He relieved a great deal of my anxiety that comes with the large sum of money I was about to spend, and made sure I knew I was getting the best bang for my buck.


When I received my machine at their facility in Orange the whole staff was extremely kind and helpful.  My one-on-one training session with Curtis was great.  He was patient, repeated parts I didn’t understand, and answered all my questions.


Having never used a CNC before, I found the Velox CNC is extremely intuitive.  I cut my first job within hours after set up.  Once I had cut a few projects out and began testing bits I noticed that I had some challenging process. Ron was incredible.  He spent several hours with me on the phone to attempt to help me with a process. When we couldn’t figure out the problem over the internet, he made a personal visit to my shop.  The customer service I have received from Velox CNC has been above and beyond.  The employees are truly the heart and soul of the company and everyone cares about making sure their customers are beyond satisfied with their machines.


I look forward to the many projects that I can make with this amazing tool.


Thank you Velox CNC,


Robert Konowalow




Perry Cummins - Edtechtrainers

Manufactured:  Nov. 2014

Pitsburg, KS

        "I have purchased a Velox cnc machine.  I have had nothing but good luck since I opened the crate.

I considered a cheaper less quality Chinese built machine but chose to go with a USA built Velox machine.  I thought the customer support would be better and the quality would be better, boy was I correct.

Curtis Peterson and all the people at Velox are real professionals and are some of the most knowledgeable people in this field.  They will go out of their way to make sure you are satisfied.  When you call them for assistance you get an immediate answer from very knowledgeable people.


        I wanted a machine I could just plug in and go and that is just what I got.  I would Highly recommend one of their machines for any application needing a CNC router.

Thanks again, Curtis and everyone at VELOX!"

24W ~ PC892 ~ Mach3

Brian Pape - Route About Now, LLC

Manufactured:  Aug. 2014

Bend, OR

        "The good people at VELOX, Curtis in particular, have gone out of their way to assure my success on my new VELOX CNC. I was hesitant to pull the trigger, overwhelmed by the idea of learning such a complex process. But Curtis and the guys at VELOX made the transition easy. Received the machine in mid October or so, was creating product for sale in a matter of weeks. *( which is true if you count just the hours I worked on learning the CNC/Artcam. Most the time I was working my fulltime job and learning in the evenings, and weekends)* The fact that VELOX offers support up until 7 pm weekdays made it a lot easier to learn on my schedule. They walked me through everything I'd need at purchase time, they used join me to walk me through mistakes in my Artcam files. Curtis would frequently spend 30-45 minutes at a time teaching me where I went wrong. Never have I had such customer service! The machine was easy to get up and running, and is a very solid piece of equipment. Also fits in a relatively small footprint.( I have the 3 x 3) It makes me proud support this U.S. company and their superior product."

VR-3636 ~ PC892 ~ Mach3

Benchmark Signs and Gifts 

Northfield Center, OH

Manufactured:  Dec. 2013 

          "We want our signs to be perfect for our customers. The cuts should be clean and smooth. After all, the reason our signs are different is because of the time we take to carefully craft them. We care about each customer, and we want the signs we create to reflect our passion for woodworking. That’s why we choose the Velox CNC Router to get the job done right.


The Velox CNC Routers help us make the cleanest cuts on our custom wooden signs. Without this router, our signs would be impossible to make. We love Velox as a company, too. They buy the supplies for their routers from American companies when possible, encouraging and fueling our economy. They also have all the supplies for you to keep your CNC router working properly, including new bits and any other piece or part you might need. Overall, we love this company and everything they stand for.


If you enjoy woodworking or any other activities that might involve using a router, we know that the CNC Routers from Velox are the right tool for your job. Their high-quality machines will keep your pieces looking elegant and clean. Check out the video below to see how truly great these routers are for woodworkers. We know that you’ll be just as impressed with them as we are, and that you’ll never go back to using other brands."



VR-3636 ~ PC892 ~ Mach3

VR-2525 ~ PC892 ~ Mach3

VR-5050 ~ BOSCH1617 ~ Mach3

Tom Waggoner

Manufactured:  Jan. 2014

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

        "I have had my CNC machine for a little over a year. This all started off as an idea to marry my computer skills with the ability to manufacture. I bought my machine with the hope of being able to allow my wife to be a stay-at-home mother. Our deal: she would sell and I would make a viable and sustainable product(s). Needless to say, she has kept us extremely busy.

         There was a big learning curve when I first got my machine. To name a few: knowing my materials, router bits, snapping small bits, learning tolerances...the list goes on and on. It took a couple of months of tinkering around until I got to a place where I felt comfortable with the entire process. By no means do I consider myself a master. But after 500 hours of run time, I do feel like a "minor" pro, thanks to Velox. 

          A little insight about my machine: I love, love, love it. It has been the backbone of my little operation and the reason I have built a successful small business right out of the gate. Yes, it took an idea, but without the backbone of this machine and the team behind it, I am pretty positive the results would look different. The machine is a workhorse. Velox truly produces a high quality piece of equipment. When I did my initial research to determine which machine to go with, I made contact with Ron. What a great guy. To this day, he never makes me feel rushed on the phone and will take as much time as possible to get me on the right page with my machine. My decision to go with Velox was based on not only the superior customer service but from what I witnessed on their YouTube videos. The versatility of the machine and ability to use different materials impressed me to the core. After I made the investment to initiate the build and my CNC machine finally arrived, I was far from disappointed. I could tell it received a careful quality control check. I was very impressed with the way it was packaged and transported with care. The setup was quick and because this was the first time I embarked on the "CNC business endeavor", Curtis from Velox was great about helping me with the set-up process. Curtis is truly the CNC M-A-S-T-E-R. This guy knows Mach3 like the back of his hand. He designs CNC machines for a living. Enough said.

         Overall, the Velox CNC machine is consistent, accurate and reliable. I have attached a couple pictures when it arrived and the rolling stand I made for it. The stand was a must-have. I ended up mounting my monitor to a swivel post and it serves well. I will be investing in another Velox machine in the very near future."

Thanks again Velox. Keep up the outstanding work.



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