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Thank you for Your Order!

We are very glad to have earned your business, and want to ensure that you get the assistance you need from our capable staff members and departments. Below you will find information on which department you will be in contact with regarding different maters you may want to inquire on while your machine is in production.


There are also a few key notes that you will want to keep in mind as the production process moves forward:

  • Proper and timely payment processing is crucial to have the order shipped out, so please stay in contact with our Accounts Receivables Dept. in order to avoid any delays.  

  • An estimated scheduled ship date for the order will not be attainable for a few weeks once the order has been placed, so any early inquires with our Production Dept. on a ship date will more than likely be met with an answer to re-inquire at a later date.

  • A shipping agreement is *required to be filled out and submitted prior to the machine being scheduled to ship. If you have not already filled out and submitted this form please get in contact with our Sales Dept.

  • Items not listed on the Invoice will not be shipped. Please look over your Invoice carefully to be fully aware of what you will and will not be receiving with the order. If you would like to add additional items to the order please contact our Sales Dept,


For any questions regarding the items listed on your Invoice, or general sales questions please contact our Sales Dept:


For any questions regarding the payment processing status please contact our Accounts Receivables Dept.:


For any questions regarding the status of your order please contact our Production Dept.:


For any questions regarding the tracking of your order once it has shipped please contact our Shipping Dept.:


For any support related issues that arise once you receive your order and are using the product(s) please contact out support line through our support portal:



Many staff members will lend a hand in more than one dept. in order to assist you quickly, so you may speak to the same person(s) through some of the different departments.

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