The Leadshine SDM660 is a PCB-level stepper drive module specially designed to be integrated into custom motion control systems of OEM applications. When supplied with 5VDC and 15 VDC power, the SDM660 step drive module can function as a high performance single axis stepper drive to power 2 (1.8°) or 4 (0.9°) phase stepper motors of frame sizes NEMA 17, 23, 24, and 34. It can take 20-60 VDC input voltage and output up to 6.0A current. With the simple-to-use DIP switches, a user can easily configure the output current or micro step resolution to one of the 8 preset settings, which is 1.45-6.0A and 200-12,800 (full step to 64 steps).

By adopting Leadshine’s advanced stepper motor control algorithm based on the latest DSP technology, the SDM660 is featured with high precision, compact size, anti resonance, excellent performance in all speed range, extra low motor heating & noise, anti resonance, smooth movement.

The SDM660 is easy to implement by taking step & direction. Due to its compact size and high flexibility to be implemented, the SDM660 is ideal for OEM customers to build their own custom motion control systems for stepper motor controls. The SDM660 is also used in Leadshine multiple axis stepper drives such as MX3660 3-axis stepper drive. When one of the stepper drive modules is broken or malfunction, a user can simply replace it with a SDM660.

SDM660 : Leadshine SDM660 PCB-Level Stepper Drive


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