Leadshine RPS369 is a regulated switching power supply specially designed for powering stepper & servo drives in motion control systems. It takes 85-132 or 176-265 VAC input (switch selectable). Its output voltage is 36 VDC by default, with ±10% adjustable range. RPS369 can output 9.7A continuous current with 11A peak.

RPS369 is capable of taking back EMF from stepper & servo motors. When adopted in your stepper/servo systems, RPS369 can provide the power you need and ensure that you won't get your stepper/servo drive damaged because of high back EMF charged back during motor de-acceleration.

RPS369 can response very quick to current change requests. With built-in EMI filter, it can suppress conducted interference found on  power line.

RPS369 : Leadshine RPS369 36 VDC / 9.7A Regulated


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