The Leadshine MX3660 is a 3-axis stepper drive with built-in breakout board and I/O's. It was specially designed to allow EASY and RAPID implementation for full control of 3 stepper motors of frame size 17, 23, 24, or 34.

Based on latest DSP technology and adopting Leadshine’s advance stepper control algorithm, Leadshine MX3660 comes with advanced features such as anti resonance for low & middle speed motor movement, multi-stepping, automatic idle current reduction, and input pulse train smoothing. With the working voltage of 20-60VDC and output current up to 6.0A (peak of sinusoidal), MX3660 can drive 3 two-phase stepper motors in frame size NEMA 17, 23, 24, or 34 at high precision with extra low motor heating, very smooth motor movement, and low noise. 

MX3660 : Leadshine MX3660 3-Axis Stepper Drive. Po


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