The Leadshine ES-M23480 easy servo motor is a 1,133 oz-in (8.0 N.m) 2-phase NEMA 34 stepper motor with 1,000-line incremental encoder (A , B channels).

When driven by Leadshine low voltage easy servo drives (closed loop stepper drives), the position loop between ES-M23480 and the drive is closed. You will never get stall or loss of steps, often seen in open loop stepper systems. Because there is no torque resolution needed like in open loop stepper systems, you can much better high-speed performance than open loop stepper systems by increasing up to 30%.

The Leadshine ES-M23480 can also driven by regular open loop 2-phase stepper drives and feed back encoder signals to motion controllers, or external devices.

The ES-M23480 easy servo motor is built with high quality material and can move smoothly with very low noise and heating.

ES-M23480 : Leadshine NEMA 34 Easy Servo Motor (Cl


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