By applying servo control on easy servo motors (stepper motors with encoders), Leadshine ES-D508 easy servo drive combines features of both open loop stepper drives and brushless AC servo drives. It takes step and direction control commands, 20-50 VDC input voltage, and outputs load-based current up to 8.0A. It is capable of powering 3-phase easy servo motors of NEMA 17/23/24, closing the position loop, and eliminating position tracking errors in real time.

Similar to brushless AC servo drives, an ES-D508 servo drive can take encoder feedback from driven DC input easy servo motors and close the position loop to eliminate possibility of lose of movement synchronization. Therefore, loss of steps commonly seen in open-loop stepper systems will never occur in ES-D508 driven easy servo systems. Compared with constant output current in open loop stepper drive, output current from a ES-D508 servo drive to the driven motor is load based. When torque requirement is low, the output current is automatically lowered to "just enough". But when the torque requirement is high, ES-D508 can boost the output current up to 8.0A. This can significantly lower down motor heating by up to 50% over open-loop stepper systems. There is no torque reservation needed for an ES-D508 driven easy servo system. You can always implement 100% of the driven stepper motor and thus improve system high speed performance by as much as 30% over open lop stepper systems. Smoothness, quietness (50% improvement), and acceleration (30% improvement) are also significantly improved in ES-D508 easy servo systems.

ES-D508 : Leadshine ES-D508 Easy Servo Drive (Clos


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