By implementing the latest DSP current control technology, Leadshine DM870 is a high performance 2-phase digital stepper drive. It takes step & direction or CW/CCW control commands, and is very simple to implement in OEM applications. 

The DM870 stepper drive adopts advanced features like electrical damping, anti-resonance, start-up smoothing, multi-stepping... With the input voltage of 20 - 80 VDC and output current of 2.60 - 7.00 A, it is capable of driving a wide range of 2-phase stepper motors with high precision at extra smoothness, quietness, and very low motor heating.

Its multi-Stepping feature allows a low resolution step input to produce a much higher microstep output for smoother & quiet motor movement, and much lower motor heating. This feature will significantly improve the performance of your stepper control systems. 

A DM870 stepper drive is easy to setup and configure via DIP switches. There are 16 resolution settings from 200 - 25600, and 7 output current settings from 2.60 - 7.00. Also, a user can simply set the idle current to full (100%) or 50% of the output current via a DIP switch.

Its motor auto identification and drive self-configuration feature allows quick and easy setup for various motors at optimal performance.

For advanced users, Leadshine offers tuning software for performance fine-tuning. A user can tune a stepper motor's three resonance areas (usually around 0.5 rps, 1 rps, and 2 rps) to reduce noise and vibration, set microstep resolution to any value from 200 to 104,000 (increase by 200), and configure output current to any value of 2.60 - 7.00A (increased by 0.1A); and idle current of 1-100% of output current.

DM870 : Leadshine DM870 2-Phase 32-Bit DSP Digital


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