Geometry - 1/4 in. (6.35 mm) shank, tapered high-shear flutes, ball-nose tip
Length - 2.0in. ±0.010 in.
Tip diameter -0.0625 ±0.0010 in.
Runout (TIR) - max 0.0002 in.
Max. depth of cut - 1.10 in. ±0.005 in.
Anticipated Life - depends on material being cut (min 50,000 in, western red cedar)
Material - solid submicrograin carbide
Operating RPM - CNC certified operation 1k RPM to 60k RPM


  • Benefits High-shear ball-nose tip cuts smooth 3D contours with reduced stepping, and minimal fuzzing High flute volume supports high feed rates / chip loads High aspect ratio for single pass deep-reach cutting Optimized flute geometry and low TIR insures clean cutting, virtually eliminating sanding and fuzz removal (when used with low TIR spindles). Applications Dimensional signage Precision 3D carving 3D contouring and profiling Cabinetry and furniture making 3D millwork Compatible with CarveWright and CompuCarve woodworking systems. Application Data (tool description for CAM software) Shank Diameter = 0.250" Half angle = 5.4° (0.0625" tip) Tip diameter = 0.0625" (1.59mm)±0.001" Tip radius = 0.0313" (0.79mm)±0.001" Stepdown = Depth per Pass, use 2 X tip diameter for roughing (clearance) and 0.10 X tip diameter for final cleanup Depth of Cut (DOC) = 1.074"" Stepover (for final cleanup pass) = 0.10 X tip diameter (0.006", 0.15mm) Stepover (for roughing, clearance pass) = 0.25 to 0.40 X tip diameter Spindle RPM (SPEED) = 5 KRPM to 60 KRPM

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