This proven product will make your DIY experience more enjoyable and will compliment your one of a kind machine! When cutting anything, a rigid machine will produce a better finish! Don't make your own Z axis that may bind, be too loose, and may require too much machining. Buy this Z axis from VELOX CNC and get cutting faster. This product is under-priced to sell. We hope that once you obtain a VELOX CNC Product you will understand how much VELOX CNC prides itself in being the best providers of CNC machines, components and service for the money! We hope that we can earn your business. 

6.5" Plasma Z Axis for CandCNC 620-4 DRAGON System

  • This item has a Lead Time of 15 to 25 Days. Travel 6 inches. Works great with CandCNC 620-4 plasma systems. Precision leadscrews 0.500 " diameter with 0.200" pitch. (recommended for the 20-4 CandCNC Dragon system) Leadscrew nut with a .200" Pitch with anti-backlash. Nema 23 Mount with 10-32 screws. (recommended for the 20-4 CandCNC Dragon system) Precision 3 piece coupler with .375" ID. (Fits 620-4 CandCNC Dragon system) Home switch included and installed. 20mm Shaft and 4 bearings (New). Predrilled holes with countersink for blocks that are often sold on ebay by 3rd parties. Plasma mount not included. Sold separately. Plasma head, torch, plasma cutting machine not included.

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